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US court ruling boosts approval of same sex marriage in Canada

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7-in-10 approve of same sex marriage (70%).

Canadians split on Bill C-51

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Almost equal proportions support (39%) and oppose (41%) Bill C-51, the new anti-terrorism legislation.

Majority will switch vote to see Bill C-51 repealed

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The majority (52%) are likely to switch their vote to support a party or politician who will repeal Bill C-51, and as many as one third are “very likely” to do so (34%).

NDP consolidates hold on first place

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Well more than a third will vote NDP if a federal election were held today (36%), while just more than a quarter would vote either Liberal or Conservative (28% each).

Old age pension, CPP, pharmacare and housing are key election issues

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The election issues which are seen to be most likely to sway votes are returning the age for OAS to 65 from 67, increasing Canada Pension Plan contributions and benefits, creating a national drug plan and building affordable housing.

Surging New Democrats pull into the lead

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More than one third will vote NDP if a federal election were held today (34%), and this puts the official opposition in first place in the polls.

Majority calls for coalition if Conservative minority elected

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The majority (53%) would support a Liberal/NDP coalition government if the next election resulted in a Conservative minority.

Toronto public split on hybrid vs boulevard

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Almost equal proportions, between 4-in-10 and one half, prefer either the hybrid option for the eastern portion of the Gardiner Expressway (46%) or the boulevard option (42%).

Majority sees need for CPP expansion

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The majority, close to 6-in-10, agree that Canada Pension Plan contributions should be increased so benefits can be increased (59%), while just one quarter disagree with this position (25%). One sixth have no opinion (16%).

Federal Conservatives and Liberals tied, NDP falls back

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Equal proportions, just under a third, would vote for the Conservatives (31%) or the Liberals (32%) if the election were held today, while the NDP would attract just less than 3-in-10 (28%).