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Two thirds approve of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

Two thirds say marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to operate in the city (64%), while just more than a quarter think they shouldn’t be allowed (28%)

Half approve of Robertson as mayor, half don’t

| Filed under: National

One half approve of the job Gregor Robertson is doing as mayor (50%) and one half do not (50%).

Plurality approves of single game betting

| Filed under: Ontario, Social Issues

The plurality, close to 4-in-10, approve of single game betting (as opposed to three game betting allowed now - 37%).

One half in Mississauga want to split from Peel

| Filed under: Ontario

One half of Mississauga residents approve of the plan to split from Peel (52%), while one quarter disagree (25%).

Progressive Conservatives to take more than half the vote

| Filed under: National

The Progressive Conservatives will take more than half the vote (52%), while the NDP (21%) and the Liberals (18%) will split most of the balance.

Almost all say Toronto homes unaffordable

| Filed under: Toronto

Almost all characterize Toronto’s homes as not affordable (89%), and 4-in-10 describe them as “not at all affordable” (41%).

Ranked Ballot strongly preferred to FPTP in Toronto

| Filed under: Toronto

The ranked ballot electoral system is strongly preferred to the current first past the post system when the two are directly compared (46% to 29%).

Majority supports Black Lives Matter

| Filed under: Toronto

The majority support the Black Lives Matter movement (55%), and 3-in-10 support it “very strongly” (29%)

Uber usage continues to climb, one half approves of new regulations

| Filed under: Toronto

One third have used the Uber ride-sharing app (32%).

Mayor Tory unites former adversaries - poll

| Filed under: Toronto

As many as 7-in-10 approve of the job John Tory is doing as mayor (71%).