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Liberals with 44 point lead

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The Liberals have triple the vote share (65%) of the incumbent Progressive Conservatives (21%) and a seemingly insurmountable lead.

PCs lead voter preference in Ontario

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Well more than one-third would support the Progressive Conservatives if an election were held today (36%).

Forum Poll accurately predicts riding-by-riding election outcomes

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In Forum’s final polls in 21 ridings, 15 of 21 identified the winning candidate, for a correct prediction rate of 71%.

Post-Election Poll: Voters wanted change

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The single most common issue mentioned as having an effect on their vote is the “need for change in Ottawa”, cited by 3-in-10 (28%).

Forum Accurately Predicts 2015 Liberal Majority Government

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In predicting the 42nd Canadian general election, Forum has proven to be the most accurate. Forum successfully predicted the election outcome within 0.7% average deviation. Forum is the only firm to predict a Liberal majority government giving the Liberal party 40% of the vote, and 171 seats in the October 18th final report.

Liberals widen gap, Conservatives stall in final poll

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4-in-10 will vote Liberal (40%), while 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (30%).

Majority oppose niqab at citizenship ceremony, in public service

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The majority oppose allowing the niqab to be worn during citizenship ceremonies (58%), and even more, close to two thirds, oppose allowing federal public servants to wear the niqab at work (62%).

Liberals maintain strong lead

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Just fewer than 4-in-10 will vote Liberal (37%) while just more than 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (31%).

Liberal lead opens up

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In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 1427 Canadian voters ten days before the October 19 federal election, close to 4-in-10 will vote for the Liberals (37%), while about 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (31%). Fewer than one quarter will vote NDP (23%).

Liberals open up lead, Conservatives lag

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More than one third will vote for the Liberals (35%), while about 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (31%).