Fortress Toronto Remains Solidly Behind Trudeau

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Fortress Toronto Remains Solidly Behind Trudeau

Half of all Toronto voters say they're likely to cast a vote for the Liberals


Toronto, September 27th – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Pollamong 1059 Toronto voters, amongst those decided and leaning, half (50%) say they would support the Liberals if the election were held today. A quarter (26%) say they would support the Conservatives. 

1 in 10 (10%) say they would support the Greens, while a similar proportion (10%) say they would support the NDP. 

Few are supporting the PPC (3%) or another party (1%).


Trudeau approval almost half, much higher than nationally 

In Toronto, Justin Trudeau's approval is half (49%), much higher than across the country (Sept 21: 37%). His disapproval is at 4 in 10 (41%), much lower than it is nationally (Sept 21: 54%). 1 in 10 (10%) Say they don't know.

His net favourable score (approve-disapprove)  in Toronto is +8, roughly 25 points higher than his net favourable score nationally (Sept 21: -17).


Scheer sees approval from a quarter, and disapproval from more than half

 Andrew Scheer's approval is lower in Toronto than nationally, in the city it's a quarter (24%), compared to a third across the country (Sept 21: 31%).

 His disapproval in Toronto is higher as well, with more than half (57%) saying they disapprove, compared to just about half (Sept 21: 50%) nationally.

 One-fifth (19%) say they don't know. 

Scheer's net favourable score(approve-disapprove) in the city is -33, almost double his score nationally (Sept 21: -18)


4 in 10 approve of Jagmeet Singh 

A third (38%) of Torontonians say they approve of Jagmeet Singh, similar to nationally (Sept 21: 36%). 

A third (31%) say they disapprove, similar to his national disapproval (Sept 21: 34%), while a third (31%) say they don't know. 

 Singh's net favourable score in Toronto (approve-disapprove)  is +7, slightly above his national score (Sept 21: +2).


May’s approval strong 

More than 4 in 10 (42%) say they approve of Elizabeth May, similar to nationally (Sept  21: 44%). 

A quarter (24%) say they disapprove of Elizabeth May, down slightly over national (Sept 21: 30%). 

A third (33%) say they don't know. 

May's net favourable score (approve-disapprove) is +18, slightly above her national score (Sept 21: +14).


Almost two-thirds of Torontonians think Canada is doing well 

More than half (TOP2:  59%) think Canada is doing better than 4 years ago, with one-fifth (20%) saying it's doing much better. 

This is much higher than the national score, which was at half (Sept 21: TOP2, 49%) in mid-September. 

Consequently, the number of those who feel Canada is doing worse is lower, with 4 in 10 (BTM2: 41%) saying it's doing worse, and a quarter (24%) saying it's doing much worse.

 The overall result is down 10 points over mid-September (Sept 21: BTM2, 51%)



 Environment and climate change is the top issue 

For Toronto voters, the environment and climate change is the top issue, by far, with a quarter (27%) saying it's their top issue.

One-fifth say it's the economy and jobs (17%), and 1 in 10 (11%) say it's healthcare, including pharmacare (11%).




Sept 25-26



Environment and climate change


Economy and jobs


Healthcare including pharmacare




Public Safety and gun violence








Something else




“Fortress Toronto is standing firmly behind Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research. “Every second voter in Toronto says they're supporting the Liberals...and since the Liberals need Toronto to win re-election, for them, so far, so good."