Building new link to DVP is preferred option for Gardiner

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Building new link to DVP is preferred option for Gardiner

Unless removal is cheaper

TORONTO, MAY 6th, 2015 - In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll among 822 Toronto voters, the plurality, more than one third, want the Gardiner Expressway east of Jarvis Street removed and a new link built to the Don Valley Parkway (36%), while fewer than this, just more than a quarter, opt for removal and replacement by a street level boulevard (28%). The least popular of the three options presented is to continue repairing it (21%). Few suggest something else be done (5%) and one tenth don’t have a preference (9%). These levels of preference are the same whether the respondent is a frequent or an infrequent user of the Gardiner.

Removal for a boulevard is also preferred if it is cheaper

After being advised of the comparative cost of each option, voters are equally likely to prefer tearing it down and replacing it with a street level boulevard and building a new link to the DVP (34% each), while one quarter want to continue repairing it (the most expensive option - 24%). Boulevarding is especially popular in the downtown (47%) but not so much in Scarborough (22%) or Etobicoke (28%).

"While many Toronto voters are happy with the convenience offered by the Gardiner Expressway, the cost of repairing it constantly has finally impinged on the public consciousness, and they now favour disposing of it in the cheapest possible way," said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

Lorne Bozinoff, Ph.D. is the president and founder of Forum Research. He can be reached at or at (416) 960-9603.