Ontario Community Health Study

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Ontario Community Health Study

Forum Research periodically surveys Ontarians about health-related issues in a study we call the Ontario Community Health Study. This study relates to Ontarians’ satisfaction with their hospitals.

Patient Experience

The majority of patients or family members are finding their visits to their local hospital to be a helpful, and positive experience. At the heart of it, people feel strongly about the care they’re receiving, and the way they’re receiving it.


While the majority have not donated to their local hospital, most say that they would be likely to do so in the future.

Healthcare Ratings

When it comes to the quality of care, the largest category of respondents rated the healthcare received as excellent, and almost three quarters rated the care as good or better.

Government Funding

You don’t need a neurosurgeon to tell you that healthcare system doesn’t get the funding it needs to fully operate. You know it, we know it…but the good news is, most Ontarians know it too. In better news, more than three quarters know that the reason hospitals fundraise is to support equipment and initiatives not paid for by the government. Additionally, more than two-thirds think the government should increase its funding to hospitals, which provides a very broad base of support for a campaign to increase base funding.

Overall Satisfaction

Ontarians are pretty happy with the healthcare system. Happy patients mean giving patients, with more than 8 in 10 that said they were somewhat satisfied or very satisfied also said they would be very likely to donate to their local hospital in the future. Ultimately, Ontario’s healthcare system gets a clean bill of health from its patients and they’re likely to recommend it to their friends and family.

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