Fewer Than One Fifth Own Guns

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Fewer Than One Fifth Own Guns

Just one tenth own a handgun

In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 1429 Canadian voters, fewer than one fifth claim to own firearms (17%), and this is comprised of those who own just a long gun (9%), just a handgun (4%) or both (4%). In total, gun ownership is especially common among the youngest (19%), males (23%), the very wealthiest ($100K to $250K - 23%), in the prairies (27%) and in Alberta (23%), among Conservatives (28%), the least educated (21%) and among those who would abolish the monarchy (20%).

Ownership of handguns (heavily restricted in Canada) is common to the least wealthy (10%), males (11%), the youngest (10%), in Quebec, where a surprising tenth own a handgun only (13%) and total handgun ownership is characteristic of more than a tenth (14%), among New Democrats, where almost twice as many as the general population own a handgun only (7%), among Francophones (15% in total) and those in favour of abolishing the monarchy (16%).

“We are a far cry from the US, where there are as many guns as people. In our country, gun ownership seems localized where it makes the most sense, in primarily rural regions and in the west where there are varmints to kill. It is surprising, however, to see the statistically significant spike in handgun ownership among Francophones and Quebecois" said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

Lorne Bozinoff, Ph.D. is the president and founder of Forum Research. He can be reached at lbozinoff@forumresearch.com or at (416) 960-9603.