Crombie’s Favourables Remain High

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Crombie’s Favourables Remain High

Approval cuts across all demographics

OTTAWA, May 24th, 2016 – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 722 Mississauga voters, approval of the job being done by Mayor Bonnie Crombie is characteristic of about three quarters (73%), and this is very similar the score she received one month ago (April 18 - 72%). Mayor Crombie’s approval is especially high among the young mid aged (35 to 44 - 79%) and the oldest (65+ - 79%), the least wealthy (87%) and the wealthier ($80K to $100K - 87%), but not to the very wealthiest ($100K to $250K - 61%). This group (the wealthiest) is the only demographic in which the mayor’s approval falls below 7-in-10.

In comparison to Mayor Crombie’s very positive approvals, in our most recent polling, we have seen other popular mayors (May 17, John Tory - 75%, May 19, Jim Watson - 73%) as well as those who are less popular, such as Linda Jeffrey of Brampton (April 18 - 54%) and Gregor Robertson of Vancouver (April 24 - 50%).

“Bonnie is one of a trio of very well-regarded mayors we track regularly, and she has navigated the post-Hazel era in Mississauga with aplomb” said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff. Lorne Bozinoff, Ph.D. is the president and founder of Forum Research. He can be reached at or at (416) 960-9603.