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High approval for Watson, very high approval for Bordeleau

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Three quarters approve of the job Jim Watson is doing as mayor (73%).

Majority approve of legal marijuana

| Filed under: Ontario, Social Issues

Close to 6-in-10 approve of legalized marijuana or cannabis (56%) and this is similar to national rates of approval noted recently (November 4, national sample - 59%).

Majority disagree with cancelling Brampton LRT

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The majority disagree with council’s decision to cancel the LRT along Hurontario Street (52%).

Split opinion on Wynne campaigning for Trudeau

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Exactly equal proportions, just less than half approve (44%) or disapprove (45%) of the energetic campaigning Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne did for Liberal Leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

CPP seen to be insufficient, ORPP needed

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The majority agree that the Canada Pension Plan, or CPP, in replacing about 25% of pre-retirement income is insufficient (52%).

Strong disapproval for union, school board payouts

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Two-thirds disapprove of the $2.5 million paid to teachers' unions for negotiating expenses (67%) and the $4.2 million payment made to school boards (66%).

PCs lead voter preference in Ontario

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Well more than one-third would support the Progressive Conservatives if an election were held today (36%).

PCs pull into lead with NDP in Ontario

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More than one third would vote for the Progressive Conservatives if the provincial election were held today (35%).

Plurality approve of ORPP

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Close to half approve of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) when it is described to them (44%).

Majority oppose public funding for Catholic schools

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More than half disagree that Catholic schools should continue to receive public funding (51%).